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Archive: 2010-2011

August 2011

July 2011

  • Edouard Machery's book, Doing without Concepts, is now available in paperback.

  • Peter Distelzweig's paper "The Intersection of Mathematical and Natural Science: The Subordinate Sciences in Aristotle" has been accepted for publication in Apeiron.

  • We are saddened to report that our Carnegie Mellon colleague, Professor Horacio Arló-Costa, has passed away. Professor Arló-Costa was a member of the Department of Philosophy at CMU since 1998 and has made significant contributions to the fields of philosophical logic, formal epistemology, decision theory and behavioral decision theory. The blog Choice and Inference is hosting a memorial site here if you wish to share your personal remembrances.

May 2011

April 2011

  • The first issue of the first volume the European Journal for Philosophy of Science (for which Edouard Machery is an associate editor) has been published. Check the table of contents here (it includes an article from John Norton).

  • The HPS Department congratulates Karen Jakubowski for being the first HPS major to graduate with Honors. Her honors-winning research paper was entitled: "A Novel Justification of Physician Assisted Suicide Using Standard Psychometric Criteria and an Objective Conceptualization of Health".
  • Edouard Machery and Paolo Palmieri will be editors for a new series with the University of Pittsburgh Press, entitled Experimental History and Philosophy of Science. They are now inviting book proposals for the series. For more information, see this flyer.

  • Greg Gandenberger has been awarded the Elizabeth Baranger Excellence in Teaching Award, which recognizes outstanding graduate student teaching. Congratulations!

March 2011

  • We are pleased to announce that that Mazviita Chirimuuta will join the HPS faculty in fall 2011. She works in the philosophy of neuroscience, with special interests in color perception. She is currently a postdoc at the University of Birmingham. Some of her work can be found here.

  • Congratulations to our graduate students for success on the job market: Jonathan Livengood has accepted a tenure-track position at the philosophy department of the University of Illinois, and Jonah Schupbach has accepted a tenure-track position at the philosophy department of the University of Utah.
  • Emi Iwatani and Peter Distelzweig received Outstanding Paper Presenter awards at Grad Expo 2011 for their presentations "Hobbes, Descartes, and Optics" and "Temeritas: Descartes, the Inscrutability of God, and the Limits of Teleology", respectively.
  • The most recent issue of Philosophy of Science (March 2011) includes an article from one of our graduate students: "The logic of explanatory power" by Jonah Schupbach.

  • Jonathan Livengood's paper "Actual Causation and Simple Voting Scenarios" has been accepted for publication in Noûs.

  • Sandra Mitchell has been elected to serve as Member-at-Large for the History and Philosophy of Science Section of the AAAS, the world's largest society for general science.

February 2011

December 2010

  • Edouard Machery is on the most recent episode of Philosophy TV. Together with Jesse Prinz, he discusses whether a single theory of concepts can satisfy the different explanatory needs of both philosophers and psychologists.

November 2010

October 2010

  • Catherine Stinson has been awarded a Pre-Doctoral Fellowship at the Max Planck Institute for History of Science in Berlin from November through January. Her project title is "Computational Models as Experimental Systems", which will be a chapter of her dissertation.
  • By mistake, our job posting for a tenure stream assistant professor was not published in the October issue of Jobs for Philosophers. The deadline for applications has been postponed to December 1st, 2010. See below for details.
  • As part of the Science 2010 event, there will be a play entitled Darwin and the Kid. James Lennox will lead a discussion after the performance.

September 2010

  • The Wesley C. Salmon Memorial Lecture Fund has been established at the University of Pittsburgh and will be used to support an annual lecture by a prominent scholar in philosophy of science. The first lecture will be given in Spring 2011, by Philip Kitcher from Columbia University.
  • Welcome to our incoming class of graduate students: Trey Boone, Lei Jiang, and Jeffrey Sykora.
  • POSITION: Tenure stream assistant professor in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science, pending budgetary approval.

    Area of Specialization: History and philosophy of science and related areas that naturally complement departmental strengths. We have interest in strengthening areas of history and philosophy of neuroscience, physics, and general methodology.

    Rank: Assistant professor

    Responsibilities: Undergraduate and graduate teaching; regular departmental duties.

    Applicants must submit the following materials, which will not be returned:

    • A curriculum vitae.
    • At least three confidential letters of reference.
    • Relevant academic transcripts.
    • Evidence of teaching ability.
    • Samples of recent writing.

    The department regrets that it cannot solicit missing materials from applicants, or return any materials.

    Please direct all inquiries and application materials regarding this position to:

    The Appointment Committee
    Department of History and Philosophy of Science
    1017 Cathedral of Learning
    University of Pittsburgh
    Pittsburgh, PA 15260.

    The University of Pittsburgh is an Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity Employer. Women and members of minority groups underrepresented in academia are especially encouraged to apply.

    Deadline for Applications: November 15, 2010

    New Deadline for Applications: December 1, 2010